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MINT Sudan

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide interactive e-learning content with state-of-the-art technology through a recent educational platform that supports the quality of education by empowering students and stakeholders to interact with it positively and making education easy and fun.

Our Vision

Our vision is to contribute to achieving the comprehensive national renaissance and the promising future through the provision of interactive and distinguished e-learning locally and regionally.

Platform Features

Provide the content in concentrated form to help the teacher in presenting the material.
Developing the students' intelligence, stimulating their thinking and activating their mental abilities, considering multiple intelligence by using variety of methodology of learning.
Provide the learner self-confidence, by providing immediate feedback.
Providing enriching information to the student to add to his knowledge and emotional balance. Such approach will help the student to achieve his classroom challenges and extracurricular activities.
Achieve the equality of education by targeting students outside Sudan, nomads and others.


Make learning process more exciting and interesting and teaching more creative by using the motor, visual, auditory learning patterns.
Increase the motivation to learn through interactive games.
Support self-learning process using different learning strategies.
Supporting and confirming the educational and behavioral values ​​contained in the curricula.
Reducing the cost of education for the state, school and family.

We are working to achieve the above features gradually through the "Mint Sudan" platform over the academic years from 2018 to 2020

Curriculum and content

The curriculum has been digitalized according to high quality standards and on a precise basis in order to raise the quality of education and learners. The platform contains ebooks of the fourth grade to the thirteenth grade for Arabic language, Islamic Education, Social studies, Computing, Information Technology, Science, English, Technical Education and other subjects. The platform includes videos and enrichment materials. The platform also includes question banks for the curriculum of fourth to tenth grades, to enable self-assessment.

Platform Services

What to do for the educational process

Interactive Electronic Content

The platform provides interactive content and additional videos that enrich the quality of the study and work to raise the level of understanding, in addition to the electronic core curriculum on tablets offline.

File Viewer

The Mint PDF Viewer provides teachers and learners with the ability to enjoy e-learning through the preview content, and add easy and colorful annotations. It also allows adding text notes; to highlight the material.


The platform enables users to create self-assessments in an easy and fast experience, with an appealing look. Questions are retrieved from Mint Question Bank, a bank with large database of questions that are categorized by specialists in educational standards.

How To Use

Watch the following videos to learn how to register on the platform and how to use it

How to register in the platform

How to register in the platform

Build and solve exercises

Build and solve exercises

Change settings and add notes to content

Change settings and add notes to content

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